Annual leave – day 4

Today was the day- the surf was meant to be ok. ish. Well it was going to be the best day that week. Which wasn’t saying much. But I was still excited to get in the water! We have a relaxed morning and then suit up, take my car to pieces so the boards will […]

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Annual leave – day three

We wake to complete silence all around the house- the storm which raged all night has blown out and we have a beautiful blue sky on one side grey clouds on the other. Throughout the day the weather changes minute to minute (usually sunny when we are sat inside and raining when we venture outside!) […]

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Annual leave-day two

Day two dawns and I’ve got a few household chores to do before I can set off for the coast. As soon as I can, I throw my bags in the back of my car and set the sat nav. The sun is shining and I’ve got an upbeat playlist on the car stereo. I […]

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St Nectan’s Glen

A while back I saw St Nectan’s glen on a “hidden Cornwall” list online and marked it as a favourite. It’s only an hour from my friends place in Cornwall so seemed a very easy and achievable adventure and most importantly- a fit for my budget! Jen and I piled into my car and after […]

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Annual leave- day 1

When starting a new job, we’re all asked the same thing- do you have any holidays planned? For once in my life, the answer was no- unable to commit to a trip due to no income, I didn’t have a single thing planned. In lieu of any concrete plans, I booked a week off in […]

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Four months in one post..

First I should start with an apology. The last four months have been absolutely mental! From job interviews, to hikes in Scotland, to surfing in Cornwall, to leaving my job and friends, packing up my flat and driving my belongings half way up the country and a day at Wimbledon. Then getting a new job […]

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Geocaching – Attempt One

So I had heard about Geocaching forever ago and I always thought I would eventually try it out. I downloaded the app a few weeks ago and tried loading it up while on a walk in Ashridge Estate – however it did not seem to work while I was also tracking my route via Strava? […]

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