Challenge – 30 Countries before I’m 30

Challenge announcement time!

I’ve see this challenge around social media and had this challenge in mind for a while. So this is my accountability post! So far I’ve been pretty lucky and worked really hard to visit 22 countries over my 26 years and (nearly) 4 months. Some of these were annual summer holidays and some were 6 week trips through Eastern Europe. Some were purely for travel, some were based on surfing and some were just visiting friends who have moved! The list is below, there are still a few easy wins left in Europe, but I really need to look further away to make sure I hit my goal! I need to average about 3 countries a year- and I’ve already been to two new countries this year! It would be really helpful if some airlines would have a sale right now!

  1. France
  2. Spain
  3. Portugal
  4. Italy
  5. Germany
  6. Croatia
  7. Montenegro
  8. Serbia
  9. Bulgaria
  10. Romania
  11. Hungary
  12. Czech Republic
  13. Slovenia
  14. Austria
  15. Peru
  16. Iceland
  17. Sweden
  18. Morocco
  19. Belgium
  20. The Netherlands
  21. Switzerland
  22. India

Let the challenge begin!

PS, I’ve not included certain places like Jersey, Scotland, Wales, Majorca, Menora, Fuertoventura and Tenerife.  Featured image is from a trip to Croatia in 2011 at the end of an inter-rail trip- so happy to see the sea!!


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