Hiking Trail 1- Rivington Pike and resevoir

So back to the original theme of the blog, before Bangalore took over- mini adventures on a mini budget!

Journey: 10 miles travelled by car each way

Hike: 9.1km or 5.5 miles, just under 2 hours. No entry/parking fee.

The sun is shining and spring has sprung. So I grab my dad and head out to the nearby hill. About 30 minutes later, we have wound down some lovely lanes, parked up and strapped on our walking boots. We head off on the yellow route which will take us up an incline, heading up to an old folly structure built when the land still belonged to a large estate. The path is rocky, but still easy to pick your way over. We wind up the hills, zig zagging with the path and occasionally the tree line drops so we catch a glimpse of the vistas spread out below.

The weather is lovely and we are sorely tempted by the ice cream van parked up in one of the car parks we pass that is doing a roaring trade… but we behave and head further up the hill. We soon come across the first folly on the trail, a tall thin “Pigeon” House that delivers fantastic views out across Lancashire, with the chain of reservoirs sparkling in the sun. We snap a few pictures and head further up the hill towards the summit.

The path towards the summit soon splits into two- steps directly to the top and a sloping, more gradual hill. As my dad has awful knees, we opt for the slope. We wind around the last bit of the hill and get buffeted by a strong breeze- no idea where that came from! We wander around the summit taking in the amazing views. There’s moorland over in the winter hill direction, Horwich stadium and motorways glinting and snaking through the landscape and of course- the chain of reservoirs. The tide must also be in as we can see a great shining stretch of water and even the offshore wind farms if you really squint!

It’s relatively exposed at the top, so we pick up another trail down the hill and scramble down. The path soon evens out into a grassy slot and then a maintained path as we stroll between the heather and the gorse. This stretch is really sheltered and the yellow flowers really ping! It feels like a day in August, not April! We wind down the hill and end up and one of the edges of the Rivington Reservoir. The dappled shade makes for another lovely photo as we enjoy an apple we packed for the walk- everything tastes better outside in the sun! We set of on the last leg of the journey, sticking close to the waterline and I treat my dad to a Diet Coke in the cafe.

Most people have already left for the day, as it’s only April the temperatures are dropping very quickly, but there are still a few bikers hanging around and a few dog walkers. We head back into the car and drive home through the sunshine in time for dinner! A lovely walk with a small but gradual incline, great training for an exciting hike coming soon!


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