Day 20 Bangalore – Flight Home

After triple checking that I haven’t left anything in the room, we head to the taxi downstairs and the hotel staff are lovely and wish us a safe journey. We pile in the taxi and chat the whole way to the airport about work and India and our experiences. The sky is getting lighter and lighter and the roads are getting busier and busier. At one point the driver stops at the side of the road, gets out and pees at the side of the road.

OK then- not sure anything surprises me any more!

We pull up at the airport and unload all the luggage. We are required to show proof of a flight to gain access to the airport building. Luckily we all have a print out from work, as we can only check in 24hrs before the flight, we were not able to print our boarding passes.

Luckily, this means we get a nice shiny actual boarding pass, not just a sheet of printer paper filled with adverts for car hire. We get our luggage loaded without incident and head over to security. Again, we pass through very quickly (all seasoned travellers) and find some seats as we are all a bit tired. There are a few nice gift shops, however they are very expensive. I splash out on a fridge magnet (a hard habit to break) and a few key rings for the family. I also manage to find a bottle of water and a pack of crisps, just in case the plane food is inedible. We load up and head over to the gate and take a seat while all the other classes board the plane.

I am a big fan of the Economy re-brand to “World Traveller” as the boarding pass looks great sticking out of my passport. After a minor confusion with the seats (row 31 are sat in 32 and row 32 are sat in 31) I have a seat and I settle in for a sleep. I ignore the offered breakfast and try to sleep through at least some of the 11 hour flight.

5 hours later I wake up and feel like we should be nearly there- I check the screen and nope- still over 6 hours to go. Jeez. I down a bottle of water and stick Bridesmaids on my ipad to distract me. This kills a few hilarious hours, but I’m still stuck and starting to feel restless. I load up a well loved book- Qualify by Vera Nazarian for a comfort read until the end of the flight.

They did serve lunch at some point- a stringy lamb, mash, green beans and gravy concoction that is pretty unapetising and a chocolate brownie that I can’t eat. I mostly push it around the tin foil pack and leave it alone. Finally we land and we I get a lot of questions from passport control. My bag is waiting for me in arrivals (this literally never happens- I’m always last) and I head out to grab a snack for the uber ride home

I manage to find some melon, a bag of crisps (again) and some water and find where the uber pick up spot. After the madness of Bangalore traffic, I momentarily wonder if I’ve gone deaf when we join the motorway. There is literally no noise- it’s bliss. I doze off as it’s about 50 minutes back to my flat. I lug my suitcases and rucksack up two flights of fire escape to collapse into my flat and hug my flatmate.

What a mad 20 days in Banaglore. I dump my bags in the flat, have a cup of tea then head straight out to A&E to make sure my leg doesn’t need to be aputated!


The Budget Adventurer

PS- my leg is absolutely fine, no amputation required but it will leave a large scar. A permanent reminder of my time in Bangalore…

Some home comforts!

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