Day 19 Bangalore- The Last Supper

It’s my last full day in Bangalore!

It’s Good Friday so work was much more chilled, more time to relax and talk to the team I’m training. They ask what I would be doing if I was not working- I replied that I would probably be surfing in Cornwall or halfway up a hill somewhere. My sister is still in the Alps, so I mighthave even wandered over there.

So we have a nice day in the office, we have already dressed up more than normal and we head to fix our make up and order an uber to the office. We decided on our favourite restaurant. The uber is an absolute misson.  The car struggles to get on the business park and we end up asking our manager to speak to the driver to find out where he is. We eventually make it to the mall where we have to cross 8 lanes of traffic to get to the other side. At this point, all I want is a beer (one day off antibiotics woohoo) so I spy a gap and go for it, you just gotta fake it!

We make it across to the other side and head for the bar- it is already rammed and the music is great, we wait a while and eventually score a table. Again it’s already late, but we grab a bar snack- my colleague goes for Nachos and I go for chicken “Tikka Tacos” which are super spicy and super delicious! I go for one cocktail (taking a chance on the ice) and then stick to Budwesier Magnum after that.

We are enjoying the atmosphere and even get up for a dance later. The dance floor is rammed and we get stared at A LOT and a few particular guys just will not leave us alone. Luckily there are a few nicer guys who look out for us and make sure we get into our uber ok. We head back to the room and I finish my packing, while singing along to old indie classics we grew up with.


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