Day 18 Bangalore – Packing packing packing

We get up a little later today, as we are shattered from the night before. I forgo the sun for a morning, as I decide to pack early. My flight is on Saturday morning, very early. So we have decided to go out for a few drinks on Friday night, so actually packing Thursday morning is my only option.

I decide to get everything out and spread everything out on the bed so I can pack easier. I plan outfits for Thursday, Friday, and the flight on Saturday and set about fitting the rest in. I manage to pack everything into my suitcases, the absence of all the food I brought with me is a bonus, but a few little presents take up a little bit of space.

We have a fairly chilled day at work and decide on the bank holiday working hours for tomorrow (Good Friday) and head back to the hotel for some dinner. We have the buffet, which is normally awesome but it’s pretty late so we just have a bit of food each and yet another pepsi for me!


The Budget Explorer


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