Day 17 Bangalore – Girls night!

On of the few things your can always rely on is that there is always an Irish Bar when you need one.

We had a standard day at work planned, but our colleague has offered to take us to dinner. We have a mediocre day and the girl has waited after the end of her shift for us. The manager then takes us for a catch up, even though we are ready to go and insists I try a sugar cane drink. I love sugar cane- when it’s made into rum, but this drink does not sit well. We head off at 23:00 local time to dinner. And every speed bump we go over, the sugar cane drink blubbes in my stomach worryingly.

I am really not in the mood, but as we open the door to a loud, bustling Irish bar, I know it was worth staying up. It’s late so we just order some bar snacks and a drink (woohoo- Sprite for me again) and we sing along to the loud western music.

We check out the outside terrace before heading off, and we can cross bats off my friends “Indian Animals Bingo card”. We meet a cow on the way home so we can also cross that one off. Just monkeys to go!

A lovely night to cap of an otherwise dull day, but I literally crawled into bed!


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