Day 15- Monday Bloody Mondays

This morning is my colleagues first day in the India office, so we have an earlier breakfast, she hits the sun and I hit the shade. Later, I introduce her to the building and the colleagues, get her a security card sorted (which of course, does not open any doors, just like ours) and we settle back into the routine.

My leg is still really not ok, but I am trusting the Doctor and the antibiotics to fix me up! I am moved to another team to train for the last week of my trip which was a bit stressful, as I don’t know them that well. But we crack on anyway!

We started on the early shift and ended up staying past the end of the late shift as it was crazy stupid busy! By the end of the day we are also a “man down”- we have lost one colleague to Delhi belly, she manages a short day at work, but does not look great. So we pack her off back to the hotel telling her to drink plenty of water and get some rest. We eventually end up back at the hotel, I make some instant noodles I bought the from home as I need to eat before talking more antibiotics. Some more Chicago fire and I pass out.

I’ve also been meaning to post about the plane in reception for ages (featured image). The hotel is called Aloft and is based on Cessna business park, so I guess that makes sense!


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