Day 14 Bangalore- New Arrivals

After the adventuring and the doctors visit yesterday, I’m ready for a chilled day with my colleagues. One more joins us around 07:00 and we have an early breakfast and catch up. We spend the day relaxing by the pool, order lunch from the bar and take in the sunset on the other side of the hotel. We get ready once it’s cooler and uber out for dinner.

We drive out to the Phoenix marketplace which boats The Whitefield Social- I order a fruity mocktail due to the Antibiotics, and some piri piri chicken to keep it simple. The bar is decked out in a pretty hipster fashion, a load of Moroccan style tile around the bar, mismatched tables, chairs and light fittings. The menus are newspapers and the girls set about tasting as many of the cocktails as possible, memorable ones featured dissolving candy floss and melting ice lollies.

My chicken is a huge portion with two chicken breasts, vegetables and a few chips, one colleague gets a veggie burger and the other gets a paneer biryani. Both get a huge thumbs up and a hurried refresh of the cocktails as they turn out to be hotter than expected! The djs is playing great music and we leave impressed and vowing to return soon. On the way to the Social we had spotted a roof top bar above a nearby hotel. We decided that we absolutely must find this bar and work out if it’s any good. We find a sign for Sky Deck, above the Waverley hotel, which turns out to be an amazing bar that serve incredible mojito mocktails with light up tables and an expansive view over Bangalore.

We stay for a few drinks, soak in the view and scam the free wifi to book an uber back. My colleague has now been awake for over 35 hours straight (even if I might have heard her snoring at some point on the sunbed…) so she’s still a bit shell shocked about India. We speed home in the uber, down some side streets that the hotel cars definitely wouldn’t have taken us down!


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