Day 9 Bangalore- Nelly the elephant

So the Fly bite got worse. It’s honestly a bit gruesome now. But I’m trusting the doctor and continuing with the pills. As a consequence, I’m not feeling great, it was an awful day in the office with conflict with the team back home and being pulled in different directions between too many people. We are here to train and make the transition smoother, so I knew there would be some tough days. Chin up and all that.

We have been asked out to dinner tomorrow night with the team managers. I think they are trying to keep us sweet after a rough few days, as they need us to come back again! In other news another colleague arrived to help train with us, so we went and had a snack in the hotel restaurant after work and a well deserved beer. We enjoyed her getting frustrated with how long everything takes, as we have come to expect it now.

Again a quiet day in terms of exploring as I’m still feeling a bit rotten, but st the end of the day, this is a work trip- that’s why I’m here!

p.s  Never underestimate the effect a towel elephant can have on a tired, ill, overworked big kid. I grinned like a loon when I saw it.


The Budget Adventurer

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