Day 8 Bangalore – Doctor doctor

So the night before I had called the dr about a fly bite on my leg that had taken a bit of a turn, and I suspected had become infected. The Dr arrived late in the morning (I expected nothing less) and I asked my friend to come over to my roomwhen the dr arrived. I needent have worried, the Dr arrived with a nurse, very good English and was very reassuring. At least he didn’t recoil in horror at my leg and throw holy water at me. He prodded and poked the bite and prescribed some pills. I think one is an anti oxidant, one is a painkiller and there’s a antibiotic cream?

I grabbed some breakfast, took my first pill and headed into the office. One of my colleagues has been struck down with the dreaded Delhi belly, so I had two teams to look after, but the day could have gone worse!

One of our colleagues is leaving tonight so we had a drink in the bar before heading to bed. A quiet day because I wasn’t quite feeling right.


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