Day 11 Bangalore- A storm’s a coming

After the success of Nelly the towel elephant (who is still sitting proudly on the desk in my room) I had left a note to the cleaners, saying I loved the elephant and thank you. Well- they delivered! They upped their game to the elegant pair of swans I found on my bed tonight. So impressed and I can’t wait to see what other animals they have in their repertoire.

Saying that, literally all I wanted to do this evening was faceplant on my bed. Regardless of any swans, towel or otherwise. Another long day when I’m not 100%, the fly bite is still rouge and I’m exhausted. Luckily the girls I’m training got a bit giddy this afternoon and we had a bit of a giggle which cheered me up. Giggling is sometimes just the best medicine. From Sunday another colleague is flying out (to replace two leaving) and she is just a ball of energy. I’m hoping some will rub off on me!!

I am now amazed at the things I find routine, like the crazy taxi journeys to and from work. I barely blink now and if I do, it’s because it was a damn close shave. There was another storm we could see building from the office windows as the sky turned a murky yellow with the sunseet. One of the team members looked up and sighed “another storm, I’m going to get soaked!”. The lightening had already started to flash and we could hear thunder rumbling as I left the office. The air was close, but no rain yet. Just as I was wondering if I’d ever seen lightning and heard thunder without rain, the first few drops hit the windshield.

Eveyone on a bicycle/moped was instantly miserable. They stopped and huddled under bridges or pulled into shops, hoping the rain would pass. Hours later I could still hear the thunder from my hotel room, and wondered if they were still under the bridge.

I had a dinner entirely consisting of food I had brought from England. I had instant noodles, some hula hoops and some Percy pig sweets. Sometimes you need a little home comfort! Feeling much more positive, some colleagues were downstairs eating so I joined them for a drink. They are going home on Saturday, so are super excited for their boyfriends, their own beds and their families. Oh and Nando’s of course!

One more day of work, then a weekend of exploring and relaxing!


The budget explorer


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