Day 7 Bangalore- Retail therapy

So we all got up a bit late and headed down to the pool and when I was suncreaming up, I noticed one of the fly bites on myself leg was going a bit rogue. It had formed a small blister so I covered it in bite cream and asked the hotel to call the dr they have on call. Unfortunately the dr was unable to come out. The hotel recommended a nearby hospital, but I thought that was a bit of overkill. The girls were planning to head to a big shopping mall and when I looked it I looked it up online, it showed they had a pharmacy. So I decide do to tag along.

I was starting to feel very lethargic and the clothing brands were nearly all western, so were  pretty expensive. We were there for most of the afternoon, and the pharmacy had shut down. Frustrated by this, we headed to one of my colleagues favourite restaurant/bars for a drink, called the Whitefield social. I stuck to sprite and the girls ordered some sangria and some gin. The bar overlooks the plaza in the middle of the shopping mall and there was a stage set up. Soon a dance troop appeared and tiny boys and girls were entertainingly a crowd of a few hundred people with dance routines. Some were amazing and some were not even close to the beat but they were all adorable! It then next escalated into a full blown Zumba class for the crowd and we had finally managed to sign into some wifi so we called An uber and went back to the hotel.

The driver decided to take a crazy route back, which involved wiggling down a very narrow and extremely busy shopping street. Grocery stores, clothes shops, butchers selling live chickens and goat carcasses in the windows’s. The noise, heat and coleours were crazy!

Back at reception, I arranged for the dr to visit in the morning as my leg was definitely not better, so I could get on top of it and headed to my room to relax.

Back to work Monday,  but a good weekend.


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