Day 6 Bangalore – Tuk tuk adventures

Wrong way dude!


Our first Saturday morning so we take it easy and have a lazy one. We decide to try a trip to a supermarket a 20 min walk away, but by the time we’re ready to go, it’s 12:00 and midday sun. So we decide to uber over and grab a tuk tuk back. Before we even got into the supermarket, we were distracted by a shoe shop. One of my colleagues got a lovely dark leather pair of sandals and my other colleague ended up with a 2 pairs of sandals. Each pair was around £5- bargain!

The spree continued inside the supermarket where I found a beach bag for me and my sister, a small bag for make up and a pair of shoes for myself, they are tan leather and look like great exploring shoes! We also found a volleyball, for the pool for about £1.10- we are such big kids.

We carried on to the food floor of the supermarket and found a few snacks and some fizzy pop. The hotel give you as much bottled water as you can drink, but we had been craving some sprite! We tried to find some alcohol so we can spend less in the hotel, but no dice. We also picked up some tang to try and some crackers.

We jumped into a waiting tuk and gave the name of the business park the hotel is on.  The driver quoted 100 rupees and we set off. He stopped to ask directions about 3 times and headed off the wrong way down an access road. I filmed a bit of the journey on. My friends phone to send to our colleagues at home. I had just put her phone away when we hit huge pothole. I though the tuk tuk would tip but luckily he got it back on all three wheels. We then went across a junction with 8 lanes of traffic, but made it back to the hotel. The noise was insane and the smells are better left undiscribed, but we had a LOT of fun!

We were so hot by this point that the only option was back to the pool with the volley ball to challenge the other team in the hotel from the same company. We spent a happy 40 mins making up games and generally splashing each other like kids before we ordered some beers and headed into the sun again. By this pint the sun had moved around the building, so we headed for the terrace area. We had been out there for a little while sun bathing and setting the world to rights when an Indian man appeared. He seemed interested in us and was asking where we were from. We politely responded and went back to sunbathing. We realised a short time later that he had been taking pictures of one of my colleagues in a bikini on his phone. This was so inappropriate that we asked him to stop. He then tried to continue so myself and a colleague went down to reception to complain as we did not feel comfortable.

We also met a group of male colleagues (the hotel is full of our company right now!!) who decided to come up and check we were ok. The reception staff did seem to be appalled, but did not send anyone to talk to him for a good half hour. Eventually the guy left and we returned to our beers and the sunset.

We returned rooms and quickly got ready. A colleague had recommended an area of central Bangalore which was very upmarket and safe and had plenty of bars an restaurants. We had also been specifically told about Skyee bar, a roof top bar in the same area. So we ordered an uber (about £8) so reasoned it must be quite close.

50 minutes later we were dropped off and wandered around. We found a promising restaurant called Bierre club serving a mix of food and brewed their own beer. I chose the Moroccan chicken and my colleagues chose fish, a pizza and platter of everything respectively! The food was delicious, the cocktails were strong and the service was fantastic. We had a great time and headed off to find Skyee bar, there was no wifi, but the waiter pointed us in the right direction.

Skyee bar was on the 13th floor of a very upmarket building, all the brands you can think of. We found our way and headed into the newest ” hip and happening roof top bar”, at least according to their website. After passing some tables and a bar, we spot the Light up dance floor and immediately head in that direction. The view was pretty crazy of Bangalore all lit up and we spent the next 5 minutes trying to get a good selfie! We soon noticed that the dj seemed to be selecting his set exclusively from house djs from 2012, this seemed to be going down well with the crowd so we shrugged and joined in.

As the night went on, better djs came on. We got ourselves a drink and headed back out there. I had worn a black floral maxi dress and honestly felt over dressed. This was clearly somewhere were girls went to rebel. Short dresses, smoking, drinking and dancing with boys. Crazy Bhangra dancing to Calvin Harris from 2015 and the black eyed peas. The latest licence in Bangalore seems to be 1am, so about 12:30 we decided to head out and try to find wifiso we could get an uber back.

This did not go well. So many wifi say connected,  it then never actually connect. We finally went back to the restaurant and asked the very helpful waiter to book one on our behalf. 5 minutes later we have our uber and I owe that restaurant a very good trip advisor score!! 50 minutes later and I’m back in bed with a berroca to make sure I’m up for more adventures tomorrow.


the Budget Adventurer


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