Day 5 Bangalore – Cherry picking

Friday was a standard day, we’ve settled into a routine of breakfast, pool, get ready for work, lunch when we need a break form  the laptops and the questions and drinks at the bar in the hotel. It was cocktails all around and a game of pool to bring me and my colleague to an overall 1-1 draw. The decider will be next week.

We got back too late for the entertainment, but the staff were still tidying up around us. We had just got the last round in before the bar closed and there was a bit of a commotion at the door of the hotel. The staff were wheeling in a small cherry picker into the lobby area then proceeded to hoover all the lampshades. This country is bonkers. We got a few recommendations to check out for dinner over the weekend, let’s see where we end up.


The budget explorer

Mmmmm mojito
In the U.K. you would need an army of supervisors and a risk assesment thick enough a kill someone

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