Day 4 Bangalore – 2 fast 2 furious

I finally made it to the gym! Usually I work out quite a lot at home, but in the evenings. As our days are reversed here, we have free time in the morning, so I went to the gym with Alisa and we did a great little workout. We then headed for breakfast and met our colleagues. We all headed out to the pool and had a relax.

I lay in the sun until I had pre-heated and then jumped into the freezing cold pool to cool off. I then retreated to the shade so my factor 50 didn’t have to work quite so hard. The others were on the early shift so they left me to it and I soon had the pool area to myself. After making decent progress on my book, I reluctantly headed up to my room to get ready for work.

Today’s taxi driver may have been the worst yet. The traffic is still light due to a holiday (we think) so I thought it would be an easy ride to work. As the traffic cleared on a particular patch of road, the driver picked up speed. We reach 80kmh (I really hope it was Kmh and not mph!) when the driver hit a huge speed bump. I genuinely got air in a taxi, thank god I was wearing my seatbelt as every part of my body left the seat. I think even the driver realised that he had made an error as he apologised and took the next speed bump about 2kmh.

Work was quite frustrating today so we took a break for lunch at 17:00 and made our way down to the food court. The worst of the heat is over by then, but it is still very warm! We all ate from the the burrito stand today and it was amazing! I had a barbecue chicken rice bowl, with loads of salad, salsa and guacamole. I also added a few cheeky tortilla chips on the side. The portions were huge, I didn’t even get close to finishing it, even though it was soooo good. There was a beautiful sunset when we finished our lunch, so I snapped a quick shot (featured pic) 🙃 Still confused about the time difference! 🙃

Back to the madhouse for a few hours and exhausted, we book the taxi and leave the office about an hour later. I’m still full from the the epic mexican lunch so I head straight up to my room and call a colleague who is flying out next week and give them the low down on the office, the hotel the country and the people.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend when I can explore Bangalore a bit more, try some more food and also relax a little bit!


The Budget Adventurer




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