Day 3 Bangalore – Glitter floors and plans to explore

Today was a pretty tame day in terms of adventures. As tame as it can get in Bangalore I suppose.

The morning started with a lazy lie in and a late breakfast before the standard death defying taxi ride into work. There was so little traffic today that our jaws dropped and the taxi driver asked us what was wrong. He explained that it was a holiday/the children were not at school (70% sure this is what he said, 30% it could have been anything). Rather than the lack of traffic making our journey safer, the taxi simply sped up as we drove against the flow of traffic on the service road meant for mopeds… at least we made great time! I was therefore super prepared for the training today, so of course it all went to hell and we winged it as normal!

We grabbed lunch about 17:00 local time (so weird I know), just to have a break from the madness! I played it safe with a subway salad, but I am eying up the burrito stand for tomorrow! We went back to the madhouse for the rest of the shift and made it back to the hotel in time for dinner at a reasonable time. We ate from the buffet and it was delicious. I ate a chilli chicken pieces and poppadums for starters (the black pepper ones are my favourite), more chicken biryani just because I couldn’t walk past it and a very hot and tasty Asian noodle dish.

We waitedfor our colleagues to join us for a drink in the bar and we set out trying some cocktails. The mai Thai was almost pure rum and the mojito was very well done. Definitely a few more mojitos in the next few weeks!

We spent the time in the bar planning our Friday night and our weekend. We would have loved to fit in a trip to Goa, or the Taj Mahal- however we finish so late on the Friday, the flights didn’t really work for us. So we are planning to stay in Bangalore for the weekend and mix exploring with relaxing as we are all still exhausted! Plans are still to be confirmed but stay tuned to see what we get up to!


The Budget Explorer

ps the lifts in the hotel have glitter gel, glass flooring (featured pic) I am still not over this and it excites me every day. It’s like a unicorn drank too much blue wkd/blueberry slushy and threw up.

I am not sure I will ever get over it, every lift should have this floor.

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