Day 2 Bangalore- The endless night

I went straight through tired to over tired. So tired that you can’t sleep.

Counting down the hours of sleep until finally I managed to reach unconsciousness. I woke this morning just in time to catch my friends at breakfast for some cereal and an omelette. We then headed out the the pool area where I lasted about 5-10 minutes in the sun before crawling into the shade like a creature from a cave. The sun is relentless, not a cloud in the sky and is too much for my white, almost reflective skin to handle. The shade is lovely and the pool is freeeeezing cold. Just how I like it. I swim a few lengths to make up for missing the gym and hot foot it back (my flip flops were in my room) to my shade to start a book.

I’m on the late shift again, so I head back to my room about one for a shower and to get ready for another day of work. We make some good progress and we nip down to the food court for some Chinese food at lunch. I made a slight error and ended up with a very spicy bowl of chicken and rice. I ate as much as I could and followed up with a lime mint cooler from the juice bar that is a cheats non alcoholic mojito.

We headed back from work around 10pm crammed into a taxi with some other colleagues going back to the same hotel. We sat down for dinner a few minutes later and I had the best chicken biryani, served out of a tiny pot just for me. It was a huge portion, I didn’t even get through half but I did manage to polish off a whole garlic nann. Oops!


The Budget Traveller

A well deserved beer

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